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Various Artists - Ancient Hula Hawaiian Style Vol 1:Hula Kuahu Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ancient Hula Hawaiian Style Vol 1:Hula Kuahu
Category: Chants

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Catalog #: CD907

Track Listing

Tracks with mp3 sample play mp3 samples.

A. Hula Pahu
  1. Pua & Amoe Ha`aheo - Mele No Kama`apua`a (`Au`a `Ia) - mp3 sample
  2. George Na`ope - `Au`a `Ia- mp3 sample
  3. Lokalia Montgomery - `Au`a `Iamp3 sample
  4. George Na`ope - A Ko`olau Au- mp3 sample
  5. Lokalia Montgomery - A Ko`olau Au- mp3 sample
  6. George Na`ope - Kaulilua i ke anu Wai`ale`ale- mp3 sample
  7. Lokalia Montgomery - Kaulilua i ke anu Wai`ale`ale- mp3 sample
    B. Hula `Ala`apapa
  8. Aana Cash - Pa ka makani, naue ka lau o ka niu - mp3 sample
  9. Joe Kahaulelio - No luna i Kahalekai - mp3 sample
  10. Lokalia Montgomery - Hole Waimea - mp3 sample
  11. Aana Cash - Keawe `O`opa - mp3 sample
  12. Lokalia Montgomery - Halehale Ke aloha (Keawe `O`opa) - mp3 sample
    C. Mele Honoring Pele
  13. Charles Cash - Aia Ia `o Pele mp3 sample
  14. `Iolani Luahine -Aia Ia `o Pele mp3 sample
  15. Joe Kahaulelio - Pu`uonionimp3 sample
  16. Pele Puku`i - Nani Kilauea mp3 sample
    D. Mele Ma`i
  17. George Na`ope - He Ma`i No Kalanimp3 sample
  18. George Na`ope - Punana Ka Manump3 sample
  19. Joe Kahaulelio - Talala A Hipamp3 sample
  20. Ka`upena Wong - Talala A Hipamp3 sample

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Comments: These tracks represent the voices of legendary exponents of ancient hula. They were recorded between the 1930's and 1950's and are testimony to the continuous practice of chanting. More importantly, these chanter's voices embody the lifelines that connect their students and their audiences to - us- to the lineage of their teachers stretching back into antiquity.

Fabulous liner notes included!!




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