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The Master Chanters of Hawai`i - Na Leo Hawai`i Kahiko Artist: The Master Chanters of Hawai`i
Title: Na Leo Hawai`i Kahiko
Category: Chants

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Catalog #: CD258

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. Mele pule ho'oulu
2. Mele pule no Pele
3. Mele pule ho'ola
4. Mele pule ho'ola no Hi'iaka
5. Mele pule kau na Hi'iaka
6. Mele pule kahea hanau
7. Mele ko'ihonua no Kamehameha 'Ekahi Real Audio Clip
8. Mele inoa ali'i
9. Mele inoa no Kamehameha I
10. Mele inoa ali'i
11. Mele inoa no ke ali'i Kupake'e
12. Mele hei; mele pana
13. Mele kaukau
14. Mele ho'oipoipo
15. 'Ohe hano ihu
16. 'Ohe hano ihu
17. Mele pana
18. Mele pana
19. Mele pule ho'oulu no Laka
20. Mele inoa no Hi'iaka kuahu
21. Mele hula pua'a
22. Mele hula 'ilio
23. Mele inoa no Kalakaua; hula pa'iumauma Real Audio Clip
24. Kanikau; hula pa'iumauma
25. Mele inoa no Manono
26. Mele pana; hula kuahu
27. Mele pana; hula kuahu
28. Mele inoa no ka Mo'i Kalakaua; hula kuahu
29. Mele inoa no Kalakaua; hula kuahu Real Audio Clip
30. Mele pule kahea: hula ka'i
31. Mele inoa no Lot Kamehameha
32. Mele inoa lei no Ema
33. Mele pana: inoa no Kapi'olani
34. Mele inoa no Mrs. Nawahi
35. Iesu no ke Kahuhipa ("O Jesus, the Shepherd")
36. E ko makou Makua ("Our Father") mp3 sample
37. Nu Oli ("Glad Tidings")
38. Queen's Prayer
39. Hole Waimea ("Pierced is Waimea")
40. Mele inoa no Helen Roberts
41. Aloha 'Oe ("Farewell to Thee")
42. He'eia. Mele Ma'i
43. Na Moku 'Eha ("The Four Islands")
44. Nani Kaua'i ("Beautiful Kaua'i") mp3 sample
45. Moanalua
46. Honolulu Hula Hula Heigh
47. Hanohano Hanalei ("Majestic Hanalei") mp3 sample
48. Mele inoa no Bernice Pauahi Bishop

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  George Naope's Chants of Hawai'i (CD#181)


  Includes extensive liner notes describing the two major types of Hawaiian chanting. Please be advised that this is a historical project and not a commercial release, many of the tracks are a minute or less in length. Nevertheless, for Hula Kahiko there is nothing more authentic than this. Includes examples of kepakepa, olioli, ho`ouweuwe and ho`aeae styles as well as himini on the final tracks.
These recordings are from major collections of audio material dating back to 1923. Anthropologist Helen H. Roberts traveled to isolated areas of Kaua`i and Hawai`i to record Hawaiians known for their chanting. The contents of this archive were chosen from the collections of historical sound recordings, manuscripts, and photographs from The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum. Tracks 35-48 were made from the Ellis Collection, the major collection of early 20th Century recordings on 78-rpm discs housed in the Bishop Museum Archives donated by Paul Ellis in 1966. Reviews:

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