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Kauai Calendor of Events

Hanalei holds it's annual Kauai Loves You Triathlon, visitors from around the world attend this triathlon which is nationally broadcasted by CBS and local TV stations. Professionals as well as amateurs are invited to participate.

The Captain Cook Festival is held in the town of Waimea. This is the place where the famous explorer first made contact. Canoe races, games, food, entertainment, and a marathon highlight this celebration.

Ye Old Ship Store in the Coconut Market Place sponsors the Hawaiian International Scimshaw Competition, this is where the best scimshanders from all over the world show their incredible artwork. The Festival is held for the whole month of February.

The Prince Kuhio Festival is held in Lihue at the Prince Kuhio Park. Games, 10K run, and a royal ball in period dress are just part of the festivities. Koloa holds its own festival as well with similar festivities at the Koloa Park.

The Prince Kuhio Rodeo is held at the Pooku Stables in Princeville. For more details on the rodeo call 808-826-6777

The Miss Kauai Pageant is held sometime in the middle of the month at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihue. Grace, fitness, athletic ability and beauty are part of the competition.

The Princeville Prince Golf Course holds its annual LPGA Women's Kemper Open Golf Tournament. The Open starts in late March.

Buddha Day also known as Wesak is celebrated on the closest Sunday to April 8. This celebration takes place on all of the five major Islands and is celebrated by offerings of tropical flowers placed at temple altars for the Buddha's birthday. All kinds of dances, flower shows, and pageants can be enjoyed.

The Hawaii High School Nissan Tennis Championships are held for high school players from around the state. For more information call 808-488-4710.

Polo season starts and goes through the spring and summer at Anini Beach Park on the north shore of the island. For more Information call 808-245-3971.

May 1 is Lei Day in Hawaii, commonly known as May Day on the Mainland. Through out the Islands festivities are the norm and everybody dons a lei.

The Prince Albert Music Festival takes place in Princeville. Here you can enjoy a mixture of Hawaiian and classical music as well as other cultural events.

The Filipino Fiesta is celebrated all through the month and various festivities take place for the Filipino community.

Armed Forces Week displays it services through out the state and offers free concerts as well as other activities. For more information call 808-438-9761.

Coco Palms Resort sponsors Taste of Hawaii. This is where you can enjoy Kauai's best food. Chefs from around the island offer samples of their finest cooking skills. For more information call 808-823-6103.

Banana Poka Festival in Kokee gives a forest education workshop as well as other related information and it's offered in the Natural History Museum. For more information call 808-335-9975.

June 11 is King Kamehameha Day. It is a state holiday honoring Kamehameha the Great with celebrations on all of the islands. Parades and art and crafts show can be found throughout the island.

Bon Season starts and goes till the end of August. Various Buddhist Temples host this celebration with song, dance, and food. Check the local newspaper for time and place.

Kokee Wilderness Festival starts in Poipu in June and combines a 5k and a 10k foot race with a mountain bike race.

A reenactment of the Tahitian's landing on Kauai known as the Kauai-Tahiti Fete is celebrated with concerts, dances, and contests. For more information call 808-826-9343

An annual event known as the Na Hula o Kaohikukapulani takes place in Lihue. Here you can enjoy the Hula dances of children from Hawaiian and Polynesain cultures. For more information call 808-335-5765.

The Trans Pacific Race sails from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Sailors from around the world celebrate this occasion in Kauai through the entire month at the Ala Wai Yacht Basin which sails every other year.

During the week of the fourth, rodeos, parades, and carnivals can be found through out the island in celebration of Independence Day.

Admission Day is on Aug. 21. This is the day Hawaii became a state, but the celebration takes place on the third Friday of the month.

The Kauai County Fair is held in Lihue at the War Memorial Center. Arts and crafts, 4H competitions, local food, games, entertainment, plus much more all can be enjoyed.

Waimea holds its annual West Kauai Summer Festival. Concerts, arts and crafts, contest, and more highlight the celebration.

The Summer Craft Fair at the Kauai War Memorial has arts and crafts, plants, food, and fun. For more information call 808-245-6931.

Lihue and Waimea is the place for the Kauai Mokihana Festival. Music fills the air all week long from the local bands as well as from composer of the classics.

Aloha Week starts late in the month and the aloha spirit is everywhere, from the lauas, parades, pageants, and more, all are invited to join in the celebration.

Waimea holds The Waimea Town Celebration, a reenactment of Cook's famous landing, exhibits, arts and crafts, highlight the occasion. For more information call 808-338-9957.

Kokee State Park sponsors the Emalani Festival. Hula shows, story telling, music, and fun are to be enjoyed for everyone. For more information call 808-335-9975.

Kauai Taro Festival is held in Hanalei and Princeville. The celebration last for three days and features a craft and produce fair, music, and a cooking contest. For more information call 808-826-4596.

The International Film Festival takes place all over the island with free screenings of independent filmmaker's latest films. For more information call 808-241-6303.

Veterans Day is a national holiday celebrated with parades through out all of the islands. For more information call 808-245-7363.

The traditional Buddhist Day of Enlightenment is called Bodhi Day and is celebrated through out the island by the many Buddhist temples. For more information call 808-522-9200.

The Festival of Trees starts early in the month. This is where the whole island gives their support in decorating Christmas trees for charity. It is sponsored by the Coco Palms Hotel in Wailua.

The Kauai Museum Holiday Festival is a Christmas arts, crafts, and bake sale held at the Kauai Museum in Lihue. For more information call 808-245-6931.

The Kauai High School Band and Chorus give a wonderful Christmas Concert at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihue. For more information call 808-245-6422.

The Garden Island newspaper has listings of some of these events as well as others. You can get a copy of this newspaper just about anywhere on the island or call 808-245-3681

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