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CD Cover Artist: Sons of Hawaii
Title: The Folk Music of Hawaii
Category: Traditional

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD69

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. NO KE ANO AHIAHI - mp3 sample
2. KANAKA WAIWAI - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
3. Ku`u PETE - mp3 sample
4. MAUNA ALANI - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
5. WAIKIKI HULA - mp3 sample
6. KA LAE O KA'ENA - mp3 sample
7. HANOHANO HAWAI'I - mp3 sample
8. I LOVE CHRISTMAS - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample.
9. PO'E KOA - mp3 sample
10. MOE KOKOLO - mp3 sample
11. HUELO - mp3 sample
12. WAI'ULU - mp3 sample
13. MANUKAPALULU - mp3 sample
14. ALOHA CHANT - mp3 sample

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Comments: This is the real deal...traditional Hawaiian, old style Hawaiian music, at it's finest

Sons of Hawai`i are: Eddie Kamae, Joe Marshall, Gabby Pahinui, Moe Keale, David Rogers


This is a digitally remastered album is excellent quality sound of a 1971 album recorded in Honolulu and remixed at Capitol Records.
This FOLK MUSIC OF HAWAII is the great music of the Hawaiian people... not the polished compositions of the city... but the writing of the back country... rude melodies, crude talk of country people singing of "life as it really is... hard, a little sad, a little whimisical, sometimes a little bawdy, but always good merely to be living"...

Samuel Crowningburg said in the Honolulu Advertiser in 1971... "These are NOT the songs you hear at a Luau ... these are the songs a country family usually sang on the veranda... after a good meal... and just after dusk. Sit around the kerosene lantern and out came the guitars"

To sing these songs" you cannot have affluent voice that was cultivated or trained... or polished... you need the voice of a man who has lived harsh days and bitter, known what it is to be broke, who has labored hard in the sun, and whose larynx has been burnt by the wine of many seasons" and later in the album jacket he admits "you need Gabby Pahinui..."

For all aficionados of traditional Hawaiian music...this was the group that really started it all... this album is an essential piece... a great album... and a real joy to listen to... you will sing along.

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