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Various Artists- Waimea Music Festival Artist:Various Artists
Title: The Waimea Music Festival

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD531

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. Waimea Ladies - Hole Waimea - mp3 sample
2. Na Leo o Nu`uanu - Ua Nani o Nu`uanu - mp3 sample
3. Na Leo o Nuuanu - Maori Brown Eyes - mp3 sample
4. Fred Punahoa - Slack-Key Instrumental 1 - mp3 sample
5. Fred Punahoa - Slack Key Instrumental 2 - mp3 sample
6. Gabby Pahinui And Group - Hi`ilawe - mp3 sample
7. Gabby Pahinui And Group - Keawaiki - mp3 sample
8. Gabby Pahinui And Group - Livin on a Easy - mp3 sample
9. Gabby Pahinui And Group - Ka Ua Loku - mp3 sample
10. Gabby Pahinui And Group - Panini Pua Kea - mp3 sample
11. Sonny Chillingworth - Makee Ailana- mp3 sample
12. Sonny Chillingworth - Portuguese Folk Song - mp3 sample
13. Sonny Chillingworth - Waimea Cowboy - mp3 sample
14. The Sunday Manoa - Ahe Lau Makani- mp3 sample
15. The Sunday Manoa - A Hawaiian Lullaby - mp3 sample
16. The Sunday Manoa - He`eia - mp3 sample
17. Genoa Keawe - Ku`u Lei Hoku- mp3 sample
18. Genoa Keawe - Kaulana Na Pua - mp3 sample
19. Genoa Keawe - Mama E - mp3 sample
20. Genoa Keawe - Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua - Mauna Loa - mp3 sample
21. Genoa Keawe - `Alika - mp3 sample

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Comments: This is a great album, the song list tells it all...Gabby, Sunday Manoa, Aunty Genoa, Sonny Chillingworth..everyone the cream of the crop.

Originally released as a two LP album set.



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