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Brother Noland - Hawaiian Man Artist: Brother Noland
Title: Hawaiian Man
Category: new release

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Catalog #: CD803
Track Listing
Tracks with mp3 sample play mp3 samples.
  1. Ipu Lei Manu - mp3 sample
  2. Ho`oheno Keia No Beauty - mp3 sample
  3. Royal Hawaiian Hotel - mp3 sample
  4. Ho`onanea - mp3 sample
  5. Pua Lane - mp3 sample
  6. Muliwai - mp3 sample
  7. Henehene Kou `Aka - mp3 sample
  8. My Little Grass Shack - mp3 sample
  9. Opelu - mp3 sample
  10. Kona Kai Opua - mp3 sample
  11. Hawai`i Pono`i / Hawai`i Aloha - mp3 sample
  12. Great Hawaiian Man - mp3 sample

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Comments: Brand new from Brother Noland, Hawaiian Man . Hawaiian Man redefines Brother Noland, yet again. This time, his creativity takes him to a more traditional Hawaiian vein that strikes a chord with young and old, local and visitor to his island paradise.

Brother Noland is an impact player in Hawaii’s music scene. He is always out in front, changing and pushing the music to unexpected places. The term innovator fits Noland well. Before his first smash hit, Coconut Girl, the term Jawaiian music didn’t really exist. Now, he is often credited with the birth of Jawaiian music.

  - Hawaiian Man, Brother Noland lives aloha and you can hear it in every note he plays



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