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CD Cover Artist: Country Comfort
Title: Country Comfort & Billy Kaui
Category: Hawaiian Classics

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD76

Listen to Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 mp3 sample samples of songs with icons

1. Hello Waimanalo - Real Audio Clip
2. We Are The Children
3. Honky Tonk Wines - Real Audio Clip
4. Sun Lite, Moon Lite
5. Asking for A Night - Real Audio Clip
6. Mr. Reggae
7. Mama
8. Pretty Girl
9. Sunny
10. Close To You
11. Waimanalo Blues
12. Rainy Day Song
13. Closer, Closer
14. Manha De Carnaval - Real Audio Clip

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Country Comfort: Jimmy Freudenberg, Billy Kaui, Chuck Lee, Randy Lorenzo, Eugene Masumura, Steve Wofford & Gaylord Holomalia


This is a digitally remastered album presenting the best available and good quality sources- a piece of Hawaiian music history in the 1970s. The ethnic Hawaiian music of the sixties renaiasance had eclipsed the Hapa Haole music popularized in the movies, so along came Cecilio & Kapono (CD#9) and Hawaii Calls (CDs 66, 67, 40, and 01) as the vanguard of a "third wave of Hawaiian music".

This 3rd wave Hawaiian sound came from "locals" of the baby boomer generation who sing in English rather than Hawaiian, predominately, and their inspiration comes from folk-rock, the BAND, blues rock, country rock, and they set the flavor of a time for the Iu Valley, Waimanalo and Rabbit Island, Waimanalo Blues, the big Liko Martin hit, was originally written as "Nanakuli Blues" and the message of "alienation and Native Hawaiian disenfranchisement" serves as archetype to the Hawaiian 78 songs of the 90s.

Mike Hamlin of KIKI Radio says in the jacket liner: "Drugs, alcohol, marijuana, reds and heroin destroyed Country Comfort in 1975" and gives a good history of the music and the artists lives A humorous note: he also "hope this album comes out in 8 track" which gives you an idea of the times, the sounds.

I put this one right next to C & K, Rich Danko and the Band Album in my play rack.

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