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Hawaii's Greatest Hits Vol. II Artist: Hawaii Calls
Title: Hawaii's Greatest Hits Volume II
Category: Hawaiian Classics

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD67

Listen to Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 mp3 sample samples of songs with icons

1. I am Hawai'i (theme song from hit 1966 movie "Hawai'i" screening Michener's book)
2. Hukilau (pull ropes) - a hula most every visitor learns - Real Audio Clip
3. On the Beach at Waikiki (instrumental)
4. Beyond the Reef - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
5. Hawaiian War Chant (Kaua I Ka Huahua'i)
6. Song of the Islands (Na Le O Hawai'i) - mp3 sample
7. Blue Hawai'i (movie song: 1936 Bing Crosby, updated by 1961 Elvis, here sung by Haunani Kahalewai) - Real Audio Clip
8. Drifting and Dreaming (instrumental - steel guitar island style)
9. King's Seranade ('Imi Au Ia'Oe: a dreamy Hawaiian waltz from movie "Bird of Paradise")
10. Mai Poina'Oe Ia u (Don't Forget Me - instrumental)
11. Hi'ilawe (Young Puna girl, love affair at Hi'ilawe waterfall, retreats from gossip)
(Hi'ilawe uses ipu (hula gourd drum) pu'ili (bamboo rattle)and Kiho'alu (slack key guitar)
12. My Isle of Golden Dreams (instrumental - written by two mainlanders)
13. Aloha 'Oe (Farewell To Thee (instr.- composed by Hawaii's last reigning monarch, Queen Lili`uokalani) - mp3 sample

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Comments: Hawaiian Classics from the Hawai`i Calls original cast and orchestra.




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