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Mary Kawena Pukui - No Na Kamali`i Artist: Mary Kawena Pukui
Title: No Na Kamali`i
Category: Traditional

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Catalog #: CD659

Track Listing
Tracks with mp3 sample play mp3 samples.
  1. Introduction: Pukui, Mary Kawena 1:24 - mp3 sample
  2. Recitation: Kani Ka Moa Kuakahi
  3. Translation: Sounds of Cocks at First Cock Crow
  4. Chant: Kani Ka Moa Kuakahi 0:59 - mp3 sample
  5. Recitation: Ho'okuku, Ho'onana
  6. Translation: Standing Around, Gazing About
  7. Chant: Ho'okuku, Ho'onana [Variation on Track 5]
  8. Recollections: Re - Chants 4 and 7
  9. Recitation: Ho'okuku, Ho'onana [Variation on Track 5]
  10. Translation: Standing Around, Gazing About
  11. Chant: Ho'okuku, Ho'nana [Variation on Track 5]
  12. Recitation: Call to Stop the Rain 0:22 - mp3 sample
  13. Translation: Clear, Clear Away the Rain at Pohakea
  14. Chant: Malia, Malia Ka Ua I Pohakea
  15. Recitation: Ma Uka, Ma Uka Ka Ua
  16. Translation: Inland, Inland the Rain
  17. Chant: Ma Uka, Ma Uka Ka Ua
  18. Recitation: Poha Poha Ka Ua I Pohakea
  19. Translation: Splatter, Splatter the Rain at Pohakea
  20. Chant: Poha Poha Ka Ua I Pohakea
  21. Recollection: Pukui, Mary Kawena 1:03 - mp3 sample
  22. Chant: Papa'i'e Papa'ikou
  23. Recitation: Ku'u Lei Hala
  24. Translation My Hala Lei
  25. Chant: Ku'u Lei Hala
  26. Recollection: Pe'epe'e Akua (Hide & Seek)
  27. Chant: Ku'i, Ku'i Hanau Pele (Pound, Pound, Pele Is Born)
  28. Chant: Ku'i, Ku'i, Kamumumu [Variation on Chant 27]
  29. Recollection: 'Umia, 'Umia Ka Hanu I Nalo /
    Translation: Hold Back ... 0:52 - mp3 sample
  30. Chant: Ku'i, Ku'i, Hanau Pele
  31. Chant: Ku'i, Ku'i, Kamumumu
  32. Recollection: Kalaekimo 1:38 - mp3 sample
  33. Recollection: Ho'oleilei
  34. Recitation: Pu'ili 'Ohelo, 'Ai a Ka Manu
  35. Translation: Gather 'Ohelo Berries, Food of Birds
  36. Recollection: Pu'ili 'Ohelo, 'Ai a Ka Manu
  37. Chant: Pu'ili 'Ohelo, 'Ai a Ka Manu
  38. Recitation: 'Eono Moku a Ka Lani ['Ewalu Moku a Ka La]
  39. Translation: Eight Land Sections Has the Chief /
    Recollection: Eight ... 1:33 - mp3 sample
  40. Chant: 'Eono Moku a Ka Lani ['Ewalu Moku a Ka La]
  41. Recitation: 'Ehia au Puni? 'Ekahi
  42. Translation: How Many Circuits Have You Made? One.
  43. Chant: 'Ehia au Puni? 'Ekahi
  44. Recitation: Ini Mini Moni Mai /
    Chant: Ini Mini Moni Mai/Chant: ... 1:02 - mp3 sample
  45. Recitation: Kiwi Kiwi Haleakala /
    Translation: Interpretation by ...
  46. Recitation: 'Akahi, 'Akilolo
  47. Translation: One, An 'Akilolo Fish
  48. Recollection: Pukena, Puleho La
  49. Recitation: Pukena, Puleho La
  50. Translation: Click, Click the Cowrie Shells
  51. Recollection: 'Akahi Ou, 'Oe Ha
  52. Recitation: 'Akahi Ou, 'Oe Ha /
    Translation: One, Two, Three, Four
  53. Chant: 'Akahi Ou, 'Oe Ha
  54. Recitation: 'Akahi Ou, 'Oe Ha [Variation on Chant 53]
  55. Translation: One, Two, Three, Four
  56. Recitation: Pana Kahi
  57. Translation: Snap One
  58. Recollection: Polepole Ka Mamalihini
  59. Recitation: Polepole Ka Mamalihini
  60. Translation: Roll Away the Strangers
  61. Recollection: Turtle String Game
  62. Chant: E Honu E
  63. Recitation: Po/Translation: Night
  64. Chant: E Po E
  65. Recitation: He Kanaka, He Kanaka
  66. Translation: A Man, A Man /
    Recolletion: A Man, A Man
  67. Recitation: Pu'ili 'Ohelo I Ka Uka
  68. Translation: Gather Ohelo Berries in the Upland
  69. Chant: Pu'ili 'Ohelo I Ka Uka
  70. Recitation: E Kau, E Kau, E 'Io E
  71. Translation: Perch, Perch, O 'Io Bird
  72. Chant: E Kau, E Kau, E 'Io E
  73. Recitation: Holoholo Le'a A'e
  74. Translation: Pleased With Pacing About
  75. Chant: Holoholo Le'a A'e
  76. Recitation: Ue Wale, 'Uwa
  77. Translation: Cry Baby, Wah
  78. Chant: Ue Wale, 'Uwa
  79. Recollection: Ue Wale, 'Uwa
  80. Recitation: Kamali'i Li'ili'i Kowali 'Ole
  81. Translation: Small Children Without the Swing
  82. Chant: Kamali'i Li'ili'i Kowali 'Ole
  83. Recollection: Bald-Headed Chant
  84. Recitation: 'Ohule Pahu Kani /
    Translation: Bald Head Bears a Drum
  85. Chant: 'Ohule Pahu Kani
  86. Recitation: He Aha Kou Leo
  87. Translation: What Kind of Voice Is Yours
  88. Chant: He Aha Kou Leo
  89. Recitation: Ho'okahi au, Ho'okahi A'u 0:45 - mp3 sample
  90. Translation: One for You, One for Me
  91. Chant: Ho'okahi au, Ho'okahi A'u
  92. Recollection: Multiplication Tables 1:03 - mp3 sample
  93. Chant: 'Elua Kahi, 'Elua
  94. Recollection: Eeni, Meeni Mina Mo
  95. Chant: Eeni Meeni Mina Moa
  96. Recollection: Lucy Peabody String Game
  97. Chant: Hele I Ke Aloha Ai Ku 0:59 - mp3 sample
  98. Recollection: Keawe 'O'pa 1:57 - mp3 sample

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