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CD Cover Artist: Emma Veary
Title: The Best of Emma
Category: Hawaiian Classics

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Catalog #: CD57

Listen to Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 mp3 sample samples of songs with icons

1. Hawaiian Wedding Song
(Ke Kali Nei Au) by Charles King 1926 - Real Audio Clip
2. Kamehameha Waltz... by Charles King
(King wrote two books of Hawaiian melodies, this song was originally "Imua Kamehameha" or "forward Kamehameha" a football fight song)
3. Waikiki - Real Audio Clip
4. I'll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You - Alex Anderson composer
5. Here in this Enchanted Place - Cockran/Grant Hill/Range BMI, an old Alfred Apaka song
6. The Wonderful World of Aloha - de Mello
7. TuTu - Lili'uokalani/de Mello arrangement
8. Ku`u Pua I Paoakalani - by Lili'uokalani/de Mello arrangement - Real Audio Clip
9. Song of the Sea - Kahuna Kai/Lili'uokalani/de Mello arrangement
10. 'Akahi Ho'i - by Kalakaua circa1880/de Mello arrangement
11. Song for Kaiulani - by Prince Leleiohoku (1855-77) younger brother of Kalakaua
12. Nani Wale Lihu'e - Leleiohoku 1875/de Mello arr.
13. Ku`u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One - Princess Likelike, younger sister of Kalakaua circa 1880.
14. Ka Wai Apo Lani - "Heavenly Showers" - Lili'uokalani October 1, 1896
15. Wai'alae - by Kealakai/de Mello arr.
a song composed by Major Kealakai in 1902 for the Royal Hawaiian Band, a concert band, a waltz in the European classic form, performed at many court functions and a standard in Hawaiian musical literature.
16. Pride of Waiehu - Lili'uokalani - de Mello arrangement
17. The Queen's Prayer - Lili'uokalani
"composed during my imprisonmnet by the missionary party who overthrew my government, Iolani Palace, March 22 1895" was written on the manuscript.
18. Ma Lana'i Anu Ka Makani.("cool breeze of Lanai").. Queen Kapi'olani consort of Kalakaua
19. Molokai Nui A Hina - composer unknown - traditional... "Molokai child of the goddess Hina"
20. Liliko'i - "Water Lemon" by Lili'uokalani/de Mello
21. Song of Happiness - Kokoni Sachiari - Emma sings in both English and Japanese
22. Song of the Flower Drum - humorous Chinese Folk Song over 300 years old
23. Chamarita - Portuguese Folk Song/Dance
24. Arirang - (Mountain of Happiness) Korean Folk Song
25. I'll Remember You - (Kui Lee - Herb Montei Music) song made famous by Don Ho

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Recorded in London, Honolulu, Japan, and Los Angeles, produced and arranged by Jack de Mello.


Emma Veary explores the many treasures within the music of the various ethnic groups that make up Hawaii. She performed in Broadway musicals, operettas, theater, the Savoy in London, and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the Halekulani Hotel and the Kahala, three of of Hawaii's finest hotels during her time. This album is the best of Emma, performing 25 of the Hawaiian Classics.

Her rich voice is operatic in style, but yet full of feeling... and the songs she sings here paint a clear lyrical image of Hawaii through the musical artistry of the composers, mostly its royal leaders, Kings, Princes, Queens and Princesses.

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