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Charles Ka`upu - Ke Aka  Reflections:Past, Present, Future Artist: Charles Ka`upu
Title: Ke Aka Reflections:Past, Present, Future
Category: Chants

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD343

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. Mo`olelo - mp3 sample
2. Mele A Paku`i - feat. R. Carlos Nakai - mp3 sample
3. Mo`olelo Laka - mp3 sample
4. Oli Komo / Mele Kahea - mp3 sample
5. Halau Wai`anae - mp3 sample
6. Mo`olelo Pele - mp3 sample
7. Huaka`i A Pele - mp3 sample
8. Mo`olelo Pele - mp3 sample
9. Aia La `O Pele I Hawai`i - mp3 sample
10. Mo`olelo Pele - mp3 sample
11. A Ko`olau Au - mp3 sample
12. Mo`olelo Pele - mp3 sample
13. No Luna I Ka Hale Kai No Ka Ma`alewa - mp3 sample
14. Mo`olelo Pele - mp3 sample
15. Mo`olelo Kamehameha - mp3 sample
16. Mele Aloha No Kamehameha - mp3 sample
17. Mo`olelo Kamehameha - mp3 sample
18. Hole Waimea - mp3 sample
19. Waika - featuring Hapa - mp3 sample
20. Mo`olelo - Mo`ikeha - mp3 sample
21. `Ike Ia Kaukini - mp3 sample
22. `Aua `Ia - mp3 sample
23. Hanohano Wailuanuiaho`ano - mp3 sample
24. Kai A`o Mamala - mp3 sample
25. Keawe `O`opa - mp3 sample
26. Ka Poli Lawa`e Ka`u Aloha - mp3 sample
27. Ko Ma`i Keia Lawea Mai - mp3 sample
28. Mo`olelo Hawai`i - mp3 sample
29. Pule A Ka Haku - feat. R. Carlos Nakai - mp3 sample
30. Kona Winds - mp3 sample
31. Higher - mp3 sample

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Comments: Since 1979, Charles Ka`upu has taught, performed and danced. He travels extensively with the well known group HAPA..An accomplished master of chant, this long awaited CD comes with a 16 page booklet with complete Hawaiian Lyrics and English translations inside.

July 13,2011- Charles Ka`upu passed away suddenly today. He is now in the arms of Ke Akua. He will be missed by all of us who loved him, loved his chanting, his lei po`o, his contribution to the Hawaiian people, as well as the visitors worldwide who enjoyed him at the Old Lahaina Lu`au show. He was an amazing, unforgettable Hawaiian man.


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