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cd cover Artist: Owana Salazar
Title: Owana
Category: Contemporary

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Catalog #: CD283

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1. Kula Morning
2. Na Wai
3. Kalamaula
4. Kawailehua`A`la Ka Honua mp3 sample
5. Moonlight and Shadows
6. Pupukea Real Audio Clip
7. Pua Tuberose mp3 sample
8. One Rose
9. Uluhua Wale Au mp3 sample
10. Makanani Real Audio Clip
11. Silhouette Hula Real Audio Clip

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Born into a family well versed in music and deeply rooted in Hawaiian history, Owana possesses the ability to reach out in song to intimately embrace her audience. Her profound interpretation of Hawaiian classics, traditional and contemporary music and jazz standards, is truly a reflection of her ancestry and upbringing in knowledge and culture. No matter what genre of music Owana performs, she will bring the listener to an unforgettable experience.This is her second recording, Owana, and was final ballot nominee for Contemporary Hawaiian Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.

Pupukea describes different characteristics of the ocean on the renowned North Shore of O`ahu; Kula Morning takes you upcountry Maui, gazing from mountain to the sea; Na Wai a playful poetic expression of loves different experiences, full of Hawaiian kaona (hidden meanings); Kalamaula celebrates the early homesteading movement of the Hawaiian people; Silhouette Hula a sultry hapa-ha`ole piece, nestled in the early jazz years of Hawaiian music.

Owana has performed in different parts of the world: Japan, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, America and, of course, Hawai`i. In January 2000, Owana was the first woman to tour with the Hawaiian Slack Key Festival along with George Kahumoku, Jr., Keoki Kahumoku and Daniel Ho. They enjoyed numerous sold out performances at the theaters and concert halls.

Look for her if you're traveling to Maui. She plays regularly with the Slack Key Masters at the weekly concert at the Ritz Carleton. An great album for anyone's Hawaiian collection..I love her voice, I highly recommend it.



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