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Drums of Bora-Bora - Songs of Tahiti Artist: Drums of Bora-Bora
Title: Songs of Tahiti
Category: Pacific Rim

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Catalog #: CD276

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DRUMS OF BORA BORA (The exciting Drummers of Bora Bora, world famous Tahitian percussionists and their exciting island rhythms): Pate Matai (The Swirling Winds) ; Ta Ue (Conquest of the Shark); Ue Ue (Enticement); Te Ui Api (Youth); Ve (Glamour of the Victor); Pahae (Desire); Otuu (Flight of the Heron); Torea (Bird of the Sea); Mati (Flame of Love); Tapu (The Forbidden Spring); Reva Fanui (The Spirit of Fanua, a Village of Bora Bora);

SONGS OF TAHITI (A blend of the old chants, ballads and South Pacific jazz featuring native drums, nose flute, guitars and clarinet, performed by The Tropic Trio, The Voices of the Atolls, and Alain Mottet et Ses Rhythms Tropicaux): Tamure Paumotu (Fun in Paumotu); Matai Arofa (Sad Wind); Te Po Haumaru (In the Cool of the Evening); E Hina (Dear Hina); Vaiho Mai (Forget Me); Otaha (Frigate Bird);

DRUMS OF TAHITI (A complete drum program with announcement calls by Groupe Folklorique Temaeva, perennial winners of the annual group dance competition at the Tahiti Fete): Introduction (Vaiete-Fare Arii Tapa); Mama Tu; Eimeo; Haka; Vivo E Aratai; Raro I Te Moana; Fetia Ave; Ofe E Pahu; Final (Fatau Aroha);

CHANSONS TYPIQUES PAUMOTU (A musical treat by some of the greatest names in island talent: Marie Mariterangi et Son Groupe, Bimbo with Yves Roche Groupe, Joel & His Groupe Folklorique, and Tiare Ngapata Groupe): I Te Hora Piti; Tamure Arave; Te Ra; Pakakina; Utere Utere; Noa`tu Ateatea.

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