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Contemporary Hawaiian CD Artist: Amy & Willie
Title: Hanaiali'i
Category: Contemporary

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at $17.98

Catalog #: CD20

Tracks with links play Real Audio audio sample and/or MP3 samples

1. Palehua (lyrics by Amy, music by Willie K) - audio sample - mp3 sample
2. KHBC (composed by Vicki Roderiquez)
3. Malama Mau Hawai`i (composed by Willie K)
4. Nani Wale Ia`u`o Waimea (lyrics by Amy, music by Willie K) - audio sample - mp3 sample
5. Wahikuli (composed by Willie K)
6. Pua 'Alani (Emma Alexandria K de Fries)
7. Ma Mua Paha (lyrics by Amy, music by Willie K)
8. Ala Moana Annie (composed by Jennie Napua Woodd)
9. `O Ke 'Ala o na Pua (composed by Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom)
10. Ku`u Pilikua (lyrics by Amy, music by Willie K)
11. Wailana (traditional)
12. E Lili`u E (composed by John Kaulia)
13.`O Ko`olau Ku i ka Lani (lyrics by Amy, music by Willie K) - mp3 sample

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                           Oahu Style

Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom video appearances are... Hawai'i : Songs Of Aloha (DVD)


Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom, who describes herself as "a little girl from Maui," won another HOKU HANOHANO AWARD for this album as well as "Traditional Album of the Year."

This album is called contemporary - but the songs in Hawaiian sound pretty traditional to me... however newly composed they may be... the style and rhythms are unmistakably from the artistic traditions and roots of Amy and Willie K. "Amy" is a leading female vocalist with an expanding following. (I think she sings like an angel).

William 'Awihilima Kahaiali'i is producer of this album, known in the Hawaiian Music world as "Willie K". He also composed much of the music in this album, and plays 6 string and 12 string guitar, acoustic bass, and does duet vocal on the final track: O Ko`olau Ku i ka Lani.

Instrumental accompaniment: Robert Cazimero plays piano, John Koko plays bass, Bobby Ingano on Steel Guitar. English translation of each song is in the CD jacket liner, translated by Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, PhD Associate Professor of Hawaiian Studies at University of Hawaii Manoa. Liner notes by Jack de Mello.


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