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Friends of Kamehameha Schools - Na Mele Ho'oheno Artist: Friends of Kamehameha Schools
Title: Na Mele Ho'oheno, A Musical Tradition (2 CD set)
Category: Traditional

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Catalog #: CD102

Listen to Real Audio audio sample and/or MP3 mp3 sample samples of songs with icons

1. Ka Huliau 'Ana (composer Palani Vaughan, performed by KS oncert Glee Club - a song in priase of the voyages of the double hulled canoe, Hokule'a. LISTEN TO SAMPLE!

2. Ka Mauna 'o 'Oliveta (composed and arranged by Randie K. Fong, performed by KS Concert Glee Club
3. He Mana 'o, He Aloha (composed by Queen Kapi'olani/arranged by Fong)
4. 'Ainahau (composed by Princess Miriam Likelike)
5. Molokai'i Nui a Hina (composed by Matt Kane of Kamehameha Schools 1893) Glee Club directed by Richard Larsen
6. Pua Malihini (composed by Helen Desha Beamer KS 1900, arranged by Robert Cazimero) LISTEN TO AUDIO!
7. Kaahi Kahului (composed by Palani Vaughan)
8. Thanks Be To God (composed by PJ O'Reilly and Stanley Dickinson, arranged by Noble Cain, directed by Richard Larson)
9. Kawohikukapulani (composed by Helen Desha Beamer for her daughter Elizabeth's wedding - enjoy over an octave range in this Kamehameha woman's classic)
10.Son's of Hawaii (composed by Rev William Oleson and Theodore Richards-- the first Principal and first music teacher of Kamehameha boy's school - the melody borrowed from the Yale Glee Club repertoire.)
11.Ka'ahumanu (composed by Helen Desha Beamer)
12.Kamehameha Walz - (composed by Charles King KS 1891)
13.Ka'ililauokekoa - (composed by Henry Waia'u KS 1908)
14.I Mua Kamehameha (by Charles King - originally called "The Hawaiian Rally Song" - was composed for use at football games, the title means "go forward Kamehameha", and is supposed to suggest the sound of the victory cry as Kamehameha marched into battle. LISTEN TO AUDIO!
15. He Inoa No Pauahi- Birth Chant (a traditional birth chant praising the birth of princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop - "heavenly water of the gods, the favorite royal flower"
16.Nakolokolo Ka Lani - A song that is now part of the senior's repetoire - sung by the Senior Men, Class of 1997 17. Aloha Pauahi - (composed by Cordelia Clymer Yardley, performed by Senior Women class of 1997 18. Pauahi Ke Ali'i
19. Pauahi Nona Ka Lei
20. Pauahi 'O Kalani


In this SECOND CD, the Alumni of Kamehameha perform.
1. Ka Makani Ka'ili Aloha (composed by Matt Kane 1891, performed by Sam Kapu KSS 1927 and the Alumni Glee Club.LISTEN TO AUDIO! 2. Ua Like no a Like (composed by Alice Everett, performed by Helen Desha Beamer and Sam Kapu 3. Imi Au Ia Oe (King/students of 1954)
4. Na Lei O Hawaii/Aloha Oe (performed by the Lumni Glee Club of 1955)
5. Sail On O My Soul (composed by Noble Cain/Glee Club of 1953)
6. Lei No Ka Uilani composed John Edwards)
7. Ku`u Leilehua (Charles King/Leila Hihu Kiaha KS 1944 performed by the Junior Class of 1973
8. Moanike Ala
9. Hole Waimea
10.Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo
11. Ku`u Lei Awapuhi/Pua Mae'Ole (my ginger lei/never fading blossom) LISTEN TO AUDIO!
12. Waipio/He Aloha no'o Honolulu/'Aina Malihini
13. Pu`uwa'awa'a

14. Sicut cervas This bit of "Euro Western Classical Repertoire" always part of Kamehameha's curriculum, composed (by Giovanni Palistrina, Bob Springer [currently Superintendent/HeadMaster of Island School on Kaua'i] directing the Concert Glee Club Select Ensemble 1970 LISTEN TO AUDIO!

15. Jubilate Deo (Bob Springer, directing the the Select Ensemble 1970)
16. Hawaii Aloha -- a bit of "nationalistic sentiment" to close the evening, composed by Lorenzo Lyons in 1852, performed by the Concert Glee Club of 80/81 Dale Noble directing.

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  - "This 1997 anniversary album set recognizes "75 years of the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest"... with classical songs, great harmonies, and very rich tradition of school songs, Hawaiian love songs, fight songs, name songs, birthing songs, the full panoply of Hawaiian life in song. It is a harmonious collection of traditional, classical Hawaiian music, one that makes excellent Hawaiian atmosphere for an evening's entertaining. Also, on second and third hearing, it bears more attentive listening too, and gives quite a record of Hawaiian music history in its own right. A very enjoyable collection, this two CDs come in one CD jewel case accompanied by a very informative jacket liner that explains the history of each the songs, the lyrics, the composers, performers, etc. Indirectly, the music traditions of the school tell the story of Hawaii, and richly complete and augment any consideration or study of the history of the Hawaiian people and the Nation/State." TR/HPM

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